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Why are you here?

What is your soul’s purpose?

do you intend on making this life count?

In Remember Who You Are, author Shweta Gandhi explores these existential questions and offers guidance on living a meaningful life that’s aligned with your calling.

Each chapter explores a different theme, including self-discovery tools like astrology and numerology to decode your personality as well as 15 journaling exercises and relaxing meditations to connect with your Higher Self.

You’ll learn how to access your Akashic Records to uncover karmic patterns, activate your chakras to restore balance, practice mindfulness to overcome anxiety, strengthen your spiritual hygiene to increase well-being, and so much more.

"This book is beautifully written."
"Shweta offers exercises that really help you reflect and set out a path for yourself. Shweta presents spiritual topics such as reincarnation with such grace you want to learn more. I find myself picking up the book to re-read the beautiful messages. A wonderful book to add to my personal library. I recommend it."

— Margo Laxon

It is now time to remember
your real identity.

You are not this body.

You are a soul.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

This self-help book is dedicated to you. The wisdom in these pages will accelerate your personal growth and help you attain self-realization in this lifetime.

Get Ready to Elevate Your Spiritual Journey

The book is divided into 3 parts for easier comprehension and effortless reading.


Chapter 1 – Decoding Your Soul’s Unique Blueprint
Chapter 2 – Exploring Your Present Life
Chapter 3 – Understanding Your Personality Using Numerology & Astrology
Chapter 4 – Navigating Your Chosen Career Path


Chapter 5 – Delving into Past Lives & Remembering Soul Mates
Chapter 6 – Accessing Your Akashic Records
Chapter 7 – Activating Your Chakras
Chapter 8 – Establishing a Mindfulness Practice


Chapter 9 – Strengthening Your Self-Protection
Chapter 10 – Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Soul
Chapter 11 – Recognizing Everything is Temporary
Chapter 12 – Respecting Death & the Afterlife

Spiritual Therapy for Your Soul

From an enlightened state of mind, Remember Who You Are invites you
to begin a personal journey to meet your most authentic and honest self.


About the Author

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Photo credits: Naziya Khan, Getty Images

Shweta Gandhi earned a bachelor’s with honours in journalism, a post-graduate diploma in print journalism, a master’s degree in fashion journalism, and a certificate in digital strategy and marketing management. She’s a Toronto-based journalist, writer, and editor. Her work has appeared in publications such as CBC Life, Vogue India, ELLE India, Girlboss, Regarding Luxury, and Elixuer. Gandhi has also worked as a digital copywriter for leading retail brands like Canadian Tire and Hudson's Bay Company.

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