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Your Daily Tarot Reading: May 30, 2020

In every challenge hides the seed of an opportunity.

You are being presented with a challenge—a challenge where you're going to be tested for your mental force, your approach to truth and objectivity, and your ability to have fortitude during trying times. If you apply your intellect to the best of your abilities, you will break through the mental confusion and fog. You will be granted clarity—in thought and speech. The Ace is always representative of beginnings, and this card suggests that a brand new lifestyle is coming into being for you. You will achieve this opportunity after proving your will power and courage in using your mental prowess. When you portray a just and logical demeanour, prosperity, recognition and new development—especially in spiritual growth—will follow in your new lifestyle. Affirmation for today: I stand strong in my personal power. I am easily able to overcome challenges, for in every challenge hides the seed of an opportunity. Liked this post? Please share and subscribe to my mailing list to ensure you don't miss a blog post!

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