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Your Daily Tarot Reading: June 30, 2020

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Wish fulfilment!

The Nine of Cups is a card of wish fulfilment. If all your dreams and desires were to come true, how would you feel? Self-satisfied? Pleased? Smug?

Well, that's exactly how the man on this card is feeling. He's beyond elated; he is so proud of himself and his cups (emotional relationships) that he is showing off.

At a physical level, this card is a sign of delight in all the senses: Sights, sounds, tastes, feelings... Seek out pleasure and enjoy your body in every way. Commune with nature and take in the abundance that Mother Earth presents to us, free of cost.

Sometimes it's wonderful to sit back and revel in the knowledge that all's right with the world. But be careful: Pursuit of pleasure without regard to consequences is never satisfying in the long run. Be sure you know what you really want and accept the responsibilities that go with your wish!

Affirmation for today:

"I am enough. I have enough. I am worthy. I am loveable. My deepest desires are now seeing the light of day."

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