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Your Daily Tarot Reading: June 3, 2020

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Bring on the celebrations!

Finally, a card of celebration! The 3 of cups is synonymous with friendship, getting together and having a blast. The Universe knows we need this energy SO BADLY RN, so let's not escape this moment of joy. Now, that doesn't mean we ignore the incidents of unrest that are taking place all over the world. But know there's only so much you can do on social media. Pray. Meditate. Heal your own wounds and the world will heal its own. Always remember, our external world is merely a reflection of our own inner thoughts.

The Law of Correspondence, one of the seven laws of Hermeticism, says: "As above, so below As within, so without As is the Universe,

So is the soul."

You can't expect your external reality to change if you don't change your inner reality. Anyway, back to the 3 of cups—there's a gathering of three friends, almost suggesting a girls'/guys' night out. The vibe is of spreading happiness with a lot of laughter and jovialty.

How about scheduling a virtual party with your friends? Perhaps that will take your mind off reality. The Universe knows we need that right now...

Affirmation for today: "I choose happiness. I choose fun. I choose laughter. I choose ever-lasting joy."

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