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Your Daily Tarot Reading: February 14, 2021

Begin again.

The Fool is the first card in the Tarot, and it symbolises new beginnings, a carefree attitude and sheer innocence. You trust in the generosity of the Universe, and you follow your instincts.

You are paving the way for a new journey or a new path in your life. You could be beginning your spiritual journey after having made peace with the way the Universe works.

Know that you are protected and everything will turn out well. Just keep walking on your path with a state of openness and faith that you'll be supported in your adventure.

Affirmation for today:

"I listen to my instincts and I follow my inner voice. I am strong enough to make the right choices!"

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About the author: Svetlana is the founder of Svetarot - Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Healing Services. Blessed with innate spiritual gifts, she is the guide you've been seeking. Book a Tarot reading with her today to enrich your spiritual journey.

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