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Your Daily Tarot Reading: August 6, 2020

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Finally, life is taking a positive turn!

You’ve been through severe trials and triumphed. You’ve tapped into your deep inner strength, and it will see you through whatever comes your way.

You are finally connected to the instinctual world (represented by the lion) and you are firmly able to befriend it and control it for your own benefit and that of others.

Your positive connection to your animal self will protect and care for you. Your inner drives are in harmony with your outer needs, and your instinctive nature is supporting all that you do or hope to do.

Whatever decisions you make, or actions you take, will be successful.

Affirmation for today:

“I am worthy, and my worth is defined by own decisions and actions, not other people’s thoughts and words.”

About the author:

Svetlana is the founder of Svetarot - Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Healing Services. Blessed with innate spiritual gifts, she is the guide you've been seeking. Book a Tarot reading with her today to enrich your spiritual journey.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube: @svetarot

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