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Earth Day 2020: New Moon in Taurus

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

At 10.26 EST tonight, a new moon will be birthed in Taurus, bringing an invitation to connect with Mother Earth

It's been a long, heavy month. We've all been "working from home", and trying to embrace our new life. It hasn't been easy, and you've even lost count of what day it is.

You're not alone.

A lot of people have noted feelings of depression, anxiety and fear coming to the surface—and it's only fair, given that Covid-19 has brought about an uncertainity about the future. Know that these feelings are only coming up to be cleansed and healed with light and love.

The New Moon in Taurus is a great way for all of us to ground ourselves with the tangible energy of the Earth that Taureans are best known for.

So, take out your journal and write down your dreams, your desires, your goals, your ideal lifeget creative, feel inspired, the New Moon energies are all about ushering in new beginnings!

We are living through a massive shift of consciousness, where a lot of us are waking up. This time alone has got you questioning reality, digging deeper, trying to understand why you're here, what is really going on...

The New Moon in Taurus is bringing the answers; it's encouraging you to trust yourself, let go of your pain and be healed once and for all. It's asking you to be and feel as creative as possible—write, paint, draw, sing, dance, laugh! What medium are you using to express yourself?

Tonight, be mindful about what you want to create, what you want to manifest in this world of yours. Anxiety or peace? Animosity or amicability? Greed or unconditional love? Ignorance or light?

Let's all awaken and rise together. Planet Earth needs our high vibrational frequencies now more than ever.

Happy Earth Day 2020!

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