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Daily Energy Reading: November 26, 2022

Light & Darkness are 2 Sides of the Same Coin

On the Earthly plane, the law of duality exists but so does individuality. The reality shows us two sides of the same coin - day and night, light and dark, hot and cold - but we perceive it as two different entities, not as the same whole.

The Moon represents your soul's shadow self, but remember that the shadow is actually cast by your light body. So, your shadow is really a part of yourself that you can never be separate from. Your light self and your shadow self are two parts of the same whole.

Today, the Moon card reminds you to integrate your darkness into the light and to embrace life as it is.

Affirmation for today:

"I am connected to the source of light."

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About the author: Svetlana is the founder of Svetarot – Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Healing Services. Blessed with innate spiritual gifts, she is the guide you need in your life. Book a Tarot reading with her today to enrich your spiritual journey.

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