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Daily Energy Reading: November 25, 2022

You are worthy of being celebrated

Despite all that is going on, this card is a reminder to celebrate yourself and how far you've come.

The 6 of Wands is a card of victory. It indicates good news and success coming your way! You’ve met the challenges life presented to you and come out with flying colors.

Victory is at hand. You have overcome or conquered the opposition. Past self-doubt has been resolved, and you are in the process of winning some battles.

You can expect to succeed and have your desires gratified. Gifts may be received, or awards and recognition won.

Affirmation for today:

“I am worthy of being celebrated.”

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About the author: Svetlana is the founder of Svetarot – Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Healing Services. Blessed with innate spiritual gifts, she is the guide you need in your life. Book a Tarot reading with her today to enrich your spiritual journey.

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