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Daily Energy Reading: November 19, 2022

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

The 5 of Pentacles shows a tough moment - two homeless people are crossing what appears to be a spiritual institution or a church on a snowy day. With no warm clothes and no shelter in sight, these hapless beings are emotionally distraught and mentally frail.

If only they weren't so consumed in their misery, they would see the open doors of the spiritual institution/church where they could seek shelter for the night.

Often this card is a reminder to be grateful for everything you do have — a roof over your head, a heater warming you up on a snowy day, hot food on the dining table, and enough finances to survive today.

If money is on your mind, know that if you’re currently struggling or you don’t have enough, it is simply a moment in transition. When tomorrow comes, you will be paid or you will receive money through the effort of your hard work.

The best path to follow today is to ask for help — from other people or the Universe.

Affirmation for today:

“I have the strength to pull myself through all obstacles.”

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