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Daily Energy Reading: January 19, 2023

Listen to your subconscious mind that speaks through visions in your dreams

The High Priestess represents the duality of life on Earth - good and evil, light and dark, truth and deception, positive and negative.

She holds in her hand a book titled 'Torah' that holds the secrets to the divine law that governs this Universe, and she offers a reconciliation of these opposites to those willing to follow the spiritual path of understanding this universal law. This card comes up today as a reminder to delve deeper into your subconscious self, which holds the wisdom your ego self needs to navigate your present-life problems. Affirmation for today: "I merge my subconscious self with my conscious self."

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About the author: Svetlana is the founder of Svetarot – Tarot, Oracle and Crystal Healing Services. Blessed with innate spiritual gifts, she is the guide you need in your life. Book a Tarot reading with her today to enrich your spiritual journey.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube: @svetarot

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