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4 Astrological Transits That Will Explain What The F*#k Is Going On

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Don't miss the Full Moon in Libra on April 7, 2020

These are unprecendented times.

Life can seem a bit upside down right now. We're quarantined, working from home, limited to our screens. Our external reality—or the 3D reality as we know it—is literally shut down.

Fear can be smelled in the air. And it's not a good scent.

So, how do we make sense of what's happening right now? Let's look up at the sky to examine how (and why) the astrological planets are affecting life on Earth.

1. Full Moon in Libra

To begin with, there's a Full Moon on April 7 at 10.35 EST. The Pink Super Full Moon will be transiting through Libra. Essentially, a Full Moon is a special time of completion when you should/will celebrate your progress.

"The Full Moon in Libra marks the time when your confidence and leadership abilities come into full bloom. Take stock of your progress in this moon cycle or over the past year. If there is room for more growth, take action on it! Now is the time to flourish," says author Sandy Sitron in her book The Moon Journal.

Take a break from this pandemic panic and join in for a free meditation that Moon Omens is hosting on their YouTube channel at the peak of the Full Moon.

April 7



April 8


2. The Sun in Aries

Aries is a fire sign, the zodiac that begins the astrological year. Since it's the first sign, it beckons the energy of everything new and fresh—new projects, new relationships, new goals. Aries season asks us to leave the past behind and begin again. It gives us the much-needed spark of enthusiasm and zest that kickstarts our life into high gear.

With the Aries season on till April 20th, we're being asked to feel brave and face the unknown with courage. We're being asked to stand up for what matters to us truly, and we're being asked to be bold and engage with our personal power.

Are you ready to embrace the fire of creation that exists within us?

3. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, is currently transiting through Capricorn, an authoritative and systematic energy, until 2023. Combine this with the lucky and expansive nature of Jupiter and we have ourselves an astrological party.

Essentially, this movement is going to bring about a shift in terms to the rules and regulations established by organizations and the government. The structure of the external 3D reality is being broken down and its outmoded rules are, too. We, as the human race, are becoming conscious about our own personal power as we go within and spend more time by ourselves. Read more about this on Moon Omens.

4. Chiron in Aries

The asteroid Chiron—also referred to as the wounded healer—is in Aries until 2027. Chiron represents being self-aware about your own weaknesses and working on healing your deep wounds. Ever since it moved into Aries in 2019, it has been gently prodding us to become aware about our own soft and vulnerable areas.

Now is the time to claim our power and our individuality by becoming aware about our flaws and gently accepting them. It takes courage to see your true self and recognize the divinity within you, but Chiron in Aries is asking just that.

Will you be able to transform yourself by embracing your wounds?

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